Patrick Bryan | UX Researcher, UI Designer
I’ve worn a couple dozen hats over the course of my career - from Barista to Office Manager to Business Liaison, I’ve spent a decade working with people and managing all kinds of systems from filing to finances. However, one through-line that’s been present through it all: design.
Having studied Graphic Design in college, I’ve designed both graphics and systems throughout my career. Intuitive design has always been a passion. Not only have I tried to make things look fantastic, I’ve also tried to build processes in such a way as to minimize the effort required and the risk of mistakes. That’s why I got into UX/UI - it’s a perfect marriage of these principles. With my unique strengths in being able to both empathize as well as think analytically, it’s my honor to dedicate myself to this unique craft.
Not to get personal, but…
I was born and raised near the Appalachians in South Carolina. After deciding I wasn’t getting enough out of life there, I decided to move to Denver, Colorado. There I could more readily pursue my passions of hiking and road cycling in the Rocky Mountains. I recently moved to Ann Arbor to join the makers and shakers of Southeastern Michigan.
When not parked behind my desk working on my next big design, you will usually find me outside somewhere enjoying the fresh air. Whether that’s on a trail, from the seat of a bike, or on the patio of my favorite local coffee shop or brewery really depends on the day.
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